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Broaden Your Advertising Campaigns With Social Media

Whatever your product or service, Optillion can set up and manage highly targeted advertising campaigns on relatively new social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn.

People of all ages are using social networking sites to gather their favourite music, video clips and photos together in one place and share them for free with family and friends. Some people use them to organise their social life quickly and effectively, to keep up with new talent, products and social trends or to access entertainment, radio stations, video clips, TV channels, music videos, comedy, poetry and blogs.

With people using social networking to share information about themselves in this way, your business has an opportunity to advertise to a highly targeted audience. Optillion’s experience and insight within the field of social media means we can optimise campaign performance across the following services:

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most popular social media site on the web and is available to all users age 13 and older. Messages, photographs and videos are posted on the user’s ‘wall’ which can be seen and commented upon by friends, friends of friends, or the whole Facebook community. With 600 million active users worldwide, Facebook Advertising campaigns could reach a huge number of potential customers. Campaigns can be accurately targeted using variables including gender, age group, relationship status, education, language and location. Adverts can also operate on either a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis, depending on whether you are looking to increase sales or improve brand visibility.

Ads consist of a title of 25 characters and body text of 135 characters plus an optional image. Optillion has experience in writing compelling adverts that achieve high click-through-rates (CTR), minimising the clients' cost-per-lead (CPL) and maximising their return-on-investment (ROI).

MySpace Advertising

There are 66 million MySpace users worldwide. This social media site is popular with users interested in music, who post tracks, music clips and iTunes playlists to share with friends and fans, along with photographs and other links. This means that MySpace has become a popular launching platform for many unknown artists. MySpace differs from Facebook in that an individual’s MySpace profile page is customisable in terms of font, colour and size, and background colour or image. These unique features mean that MySpace is still a viable platform for social media advertising despite Facebook’s increasing dominance.

Advertising on MySpace is controlled exclusively through Google AdSense, which uses AdWords adverts chosen by the advertiser to be shown on the Google content network. An advertising campaign on MySpace follows the same principles as a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and you would be bidding to have your ads placed specifically on the MySpace website.

YouTube campaigns

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site. Users can upload video clips and share them over the internet. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, so it’s no surprise that the advertising is controlled exclusively by the Google AdSense system. This means that advertising on YouTube requires targeted placement of ads using the Google AdWords service.

LinkedIn Direct Ads

LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals seeking contacts within their industry, job opportunities or assistance with projects. Optillion can use their DirectAds service to advertise your products or services to a highly targeted market of 58 million above average earners. This targeting takes into account variables including, for example, seniority, industry, job function, company size and location.

As with Facebook, the client can choose to pay-per-click or per 1000 impressions, depending on their campaign objectives. This social media advertising service is the most appropriate for B2B and B2G sales, and targeting options make it an easy way of advertising to people in certain industries within particular geographic areas. LinkedIn currently has over 50 million active users worldwide and is still growing, allowing you to tap into an ever increasing number of professional networks to improve your sales.

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