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Effective Search Engine Optimisation requires a comprehensive understanding of the issues affecting your site’s performance. Optillion offers a thorough analysis of these problems through its SEO Evaluation and Report service, which identifies the major obstacles and suggests potential solutions to your site’s performance problems.

How does the SEO evaluation work?

The first step is for you to complete a pre-engagement questionnaire. This will enable Optillion to assess whether the service is right for you, or whether one of our other optimisation services is better suited to your needs. Following this, an optimisation expert will carry out an assessment of your site’s search engine performance, before performing a detailed analysis of the site’s hosting arrangements, structure, coding, content and link relationships.

This analysis takes into account all the major factors affecting your ranking, including:

What’s included in a SEO report?

The report builds on the evaluation by focusing on the critical issues affecting the site’s performance and articulates the course of action required to effectively boost your rankings. For example, if keyword selection is identified as the major obstacle to performance, the report will include specific, practical advice on how to implement the necessary changes. In addition, every report includes details of the site-wide issues that need to be addressed, with a worked example for a sample page of the changes which should be made to be the coding.

Is this service right for me?

The SEO Evaluation and Report will pinpoint the challenges facing your site and outline a clear course of action which you will be able to implement. The service is therefore ideal for clients who have developed and maintain their own website and whose staff are both familiar with (X)HTML/CSS and confident in making changes to web pages.

The service does not include implementation of the recommendations by Optillion’s staff, nor ongoing support. If your website is maintained by third party web developers, Optillion's other services may be more suited to your needs:

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