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After the initial keyword analysis and optimisation of your website, link-building is the SEO technique which works to build your search engine rankings over the long-term. Link-building involves the generating of links back to your website and works to improve the search engines’ perception of your site’s quality and relevance.

The aim of a link-building campaign should be to build a considerable quantity of high-quality links over a sustained period. However, some SEO practitioners do not appreciate that effective link-building is a long-term undertaking requiring hundreds of links being generated continuously. It is also often the case that some companies do not understand that the most successful link-building campaigns will incorporate a diversity of approach, using a variety of different techniques to ensure that links are created from a range of sources.

Optillion’s link-building service takes a sustained and controlled approach to this fundamental aspect of SEO and draws upon its years of experience working with link creation. Optillion’s flexible methods incorporate the following techniques:

Using these strategies, Optillion delivers high rankings that live long beyond the initial link-building campaign. For more information on what Optillion can do for your business, call today on or email us.

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