Keyword Research

The Foundation Of Effective SEO

Keywords are fundamental to effective Search Engine Optimisation. Ensuring that your site ranks strongly for the most appropriate keywords is the first step in any SEO campaign. In order to guarantee strong search engine performance, it is essential that the link text, page titles and content of your site incorporate targeted keywords.

Choosing keywords for a Search Engine Optimisation campaign, however, can be difficult and many website owners struggle to choose the terms that will get them the best results. Some may be too immersed in the technicalities of their business to identify obvious high-traffic keywords, while others may be choosing terms so broad and competitive that first-page rankings will never be achievable.

Why employ a keyword research expert?

Using an expert to carry out your keyword research bypasses these common problems and leads to a stronger set of keywords that will dramatically improve your site’s performance. Optillion is able to bring objectivity, experience and expertise to keyword research, taking into account three key factors that impact upon the success of any keyword:

By placing this ‘golden triangle’ of concepts at the heart of its keyword research, Optillion can deliver suggestions that will form the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. Optillion also understands that keywords are dynamic, with seasonal factors often determining which terms generate the most traffic. Optillion's comprehensive experience and flexible approach enables its staff to identify keywords that suit the requirements of your business. This will lead to subsequent dramatic improvements in the performance of your website.

Interaction between relevance, competition and traffic in keyword research

How does keyword research work?

The research process begins with an initial list of keywords being drawn up, based on the client’s existing keywords and the content of their website. Optillion will also compile a list of competitors in consultation with you, so that keywords commonly used by others in the same field can be identified. This expanded set of terms will then be analysed to establish which keywords attract the most search engine traffic.

Optillion will then refine this expanded list from thousands to a targeted set of around a hundred, using statistical data to identify the best performing keywords. This part of the process aims to eliminate anomalies and determine which terms achieve a good balance in terms of the three ‘golden triangle’ concepts of relevance, competition and traffic. This is the most important stage of the research, because ignoring any one of these factors when choosing your keywords could seriously undermine your SEO campaign. If you use high traffic terms that are ultimately irrelevant to your website, you won’t convert searchers into customers. Similarly, if you focus on broad, highly competitive keywords, it is unlikely that you will ever achieve the top rankings.

Keyword research is undoubtedly the most important aspect of SEO and lays the foundation for your future success. For research services informed by expertise and years of experience, contact Optillion today on .

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