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Optillion’s Search Engine Optimisation consultancy service has a much wider remit than its SEO report and evaluation service. As well as the initial assessment of your SEO needs, the service provides clients with access to:

SEO consultancy is most appropriate for companies which have web development capabilities in-house, or a strong ongoing relationship with a third party web developer. It allows the client to institute a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation campaign under the direction of Optillion’s SEO consultants, while retaining control of his or her website throughout the optimisation process.

This service offers sustained support with a great degree of choice and flexibility. Typically, the consultancy will progress as follows:

Stage 1: The optimisation assessment

SEO consultancy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your website, taking into account its current state of optimisation along with its performance in terms of traffic and search engine rankings. Even if a client has already identified some areas for improvement, Optillion’s extensive assessment will ensure all potential barriers to effective optimisation are identified.

Stage 2: Mapping your SEO programme

The results of the assessment form the basis of the client’s SEO programme, which is a prioritised list of the SEO work required, drawn-up by your optimisation consultant. This programme then forms the basis of consultations between Optillion, the client, and their web development personnel. The best means of implementation will be agreed and integrated into the action plan.

Stage 3: Execution and implementation

Flexibility is the key to this stage of the consultancy process. Whether you’d like Optillion or your own personnel to manage certain aspects of the SEO programme, the choice is yours. This could mean that you handle the technical side of the optimisation plan, while letting an Optillion copywriter compose the meta tags for each individual page of the site. Alternatively, you might make use of Optillion’s training service to enable all the implementation to be carried out in-house. Whatever your preference, you’re in complete control of your programme’s implementation, and the service can be changed at any time to suit your needs.

Stage 4: Monitoring for sustained high performance

Regular performance monitoring is essential if your site is to maintain its high performance in the rankings. Optillion’s SEO monitoring service includes regular reports, usually monthly, on the progress of the implementation programme, along with updates on current rankings and levels of website traffic. This is especially important where the SEO programme involves a large amount of staff training because it ensures that the client develops a sustainable and effective internal SEO resource.

Is this service right for you?

Optillion’s SEO consultancy offers great choice and flexibility, allowing you to combine our Search Engine Optimisation expertise with your existing web development capabilities. Whether you opt for a comprehensive package or just a selection from our wide range of services, you’re guaranteed a high level of support from Optillion’s experienced SEO consultants.

Alternatively, those looking for their site’s optimisation requirements to be fully-managed and implemented may prefer Optillion's SEO campaign management service.

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