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Optimise The Performance Of Your PPC Campaigns

Optillion’s expert pay-per-click (PPC) management services will optimise the performance of your PPC campaigns. By taking a comprehensive, analytical approach to the practice of key phrase selection, performance monitoring and campaign management, we ensure that your advertising campaigns bring the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible.

Identify weaknesses with adaptive PPC bid management

Key phrase selection for a PPC campaign requires an entirely different approach to the process used for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO aims to attract as many visitors as possible, whereas PPC advertising attempts to ‘buy’ visitors, with the price being the click-through-cost (CTC) associated with each trigger key phrase. PPC bid management requires sufficient data on the financial performance of a product before a maximum bid price can be calculated. This is to ensure that the PPC campaign produces an acceptable ROI.

Optillion’s systematic approach to pay-per-click key phrase selection highlights the most effective terms, which typically achieve high click-through rates at low bid prices. This paradox, where some of the most relevant key phrases are also the least expensive, is due to the fact that most advertisers concentrate on less specific phrases that nevertheless attract large amounts of traffic. Successful PPC bid management requires a more scientific approach, one which identifies unexpected key phrases capable of generating maximum profit for your business.

Optimise performance through responsive campaign monitoring

Initially, performance monitoring of a PPC campaign needs to be both thorough and frequent. Rigorous key phrase selection and bid management lay the foundation for a successful campaign, but individual key phrases and their counterpart advertisements need to be fine tuned to improve performance. Performance monitoring requires significant statistical data, so the campaign should run for sufficient time before changes can be made. Optillion’s campaign monitoring identifies poorly performing key phrases and revises or replaces them, ensuring that your advertising campaign responds to the behaviour of potential customers.

Consolidate success with effective PPC campaign management

Effective PPC management adopts a proactive approach to key phrase selection and bid management, and combines this with reactive modifications to the campaign, informed by monitoring of key phrase performance. Each key phrase should be making a positive contribution to the business’s profitability or it should be removed. Most Search Engine Marketing companies do not understand that successful pay-per-click advertising does not rely on broad key phrase selection and high click through rates. Optillion has developed a highly effective pay-per-click management strategy which utilises expert Search Engine Marketing techniques and sound mathematical principles.

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