Initiating A Pay-Per-Click Campaign

The Foundation For Future Success

Optillion’s pay-per-click (PPC) management service covers all aspects of a PPC campaign. Critically, this includes three interrelated services that are essential in initiating a successful and cost-effective campaign.

The initial PPC assessment

Our initial assessment aims to identify whether a PPC campaign will meet your business’s financial objectives. While PPC advertising can promote any type of online business, its effectiveness will depend on the economics of the underlying business and the competitiveness of the marketplace in which it operates. Pre-campaign assessment of an e-commerce site would consider conversion rates, product mix, margins on individual product lines, order size and composition, order fulfilment costs, customer retention and market competition.

A typical PPC assessment will indicate:

Creating effective ads with expert advertisement copywriting

A successful PPC campaign requires clear and compelling plain text advertisements. The ad copy should take into account the product being advertised, the keywords with which it will be associated and the web page to which it will link. Text advertisements have only a limited amount of characters and it is important that the product or service being promoted is clearly identified. Every exploratory click on a PPC advert costs money, so each advertisement should be individually written to target a particular product.

Unfocused copywriting and key phrase selection leads to low quality, irrelevant traffic which is expensive to maintain and difficult to convert. Optillion’s expert copywriters compose advertisements which are clear, concise and compelling. They also include appropriate stop phrases, which prevent costly unwanted click-throughs, meaning you only attract high quality website traffic.

Comprehensive key phrase research and selection

PPC adverts are triggered by key phrases associated with each advert. It is important to choose the right key phrases in order to attract high quality traffic to your site. Selecting key phrases for a pay-per-click campaign requires careful consideration, since it is not the click-through rate but the product of the click-through-cost and the conversion rate which determines the cost of customer acquisition. With Google AdWords, a higher click through rate will equate to a lower cost-per-click, as a result of Google’s complex ‘bid discount’ formula.

PPC campaigns managed by Optillion use highly targeted key phrases to achieve low click-through costs and high conversion rates. Click-through rates for individual PPC ads are monitored closely and poorly performing ads are either rewritten to improve their performance or dropped from the campaign.

By combining expert copywriting, keyword selection and bid management, Optillion create pay-per-click campaigns which optimise the rate of return on investment. The measurable success of your PPC campaign means that you’ll see your investment bring returns in no time at all. To take advantage of our expertise in initiating your PPC campaign, contact Optillion today on .

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